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Penfield – Analytics. Solved.

We deliver three crucial capabilities to our clients

Real-World Experience

Real-World Experience

There’s no substitute for having been in the trenches. Penfield staffs seasoned managers and leaders to bring best practices and breadth of experience to our clients.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Penfield leverages best-in-breed analytic toolsets including AI and ML to Marketing Measurement, Digital Optimization, Pricing Analytics, and Experimental Design.

Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Penfield projects deliver results for driving long-term performance improvements.  We move our clients from “what just happened?” to “what do I do about it?”

Many firms have long experience, and others may have strategic advisory skills, and still others may have analytics capabilities.

Only Penfield brings all three.

Case Studies & White Papers

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Testimonials from Penfield Clients

I'd strongly recommend Penfield for any strategic analytic work.  They delivered immediately actionable insights and a new tool that we could offer to our clients and deepen our engagement.  They helped us make a quantum leap forward in our internal analytics, and then they did it again.

Dennis Sarafa,
COO and Board Member, reach|influence

I’m super happy with how the project went. [Penfield] has been so helpful, clear and candid.

Confidential Global CPG,
Senior Manager, Global Consumer Insights

We were under a lot of pressure to find growth in our business, and we asked Penfield to help find and assess pricing opportunities.  They quickly unwound the complexities in our business and delivered a compelling shift in strategy.  That work helped us grow our bottom line delivery by over 28%.

CEO, SaaS provider

We were searching for an provider who could bring both rigorous analytics and partner with us to help us grow our capabilities over the long run.  They guys at Penfield indeed delivered cutting-edge analytics, but they also brought far more to the table by pushing our strategy forward.

Nick Wzientek,
Director, Enterprise Analytics

Penfield analytics helped guide us to a 45% improvement in ROI on our $200MM marketing spend in less than 2 years.  They were an integral part of my team.  I felt perfectly comfortable having them work directly with any department in the company.  They also professionally presented their work to the CEO and the executive leadership team.  Pat and his team are true partners when it comes to growing a business.

Ron Stoupa,
CMO, specialty retailer

As a venture fund with a portfolio containing broad and deep datasets, we needed a team that could bring a broad strategic mindset and cutting-edge analytics. Penfield provided both, and helped us advance our own internal capabilities along the way. Our work with Penfield spanned three years and contributed to the successful exit of one of our core firms.

Eric Green,
CEO, grocery SaaS company

Penfield Delivers in Hard ROI Returns

One long-time retail client has driven steady improvements in ROI since partnering with Penfield, delivering over 40x return-on-fees