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The Kids Are All Right

I’m lucky enough to be a guest lecturer at both Columbia Business School and NYU’s Stern School of Business.  The session is in two parts: first we do a general overview on the state of analytics, and then we cover how they should become an “informed consumer” of analytics in their marketing roles.

I’m happy to report that the future marketing leaders are sharp, full of energy, and are the exact opposite of the old marketing stereotypes.  There is still the excitement and strong creative bent, but these students are using marketing as a strategic toolset for the larger business, and will go toe-to-toe with any finance or line operating role who considers it an optional nice-to-have.  It’s thrilling to discuss their ideas, and their energy is contagious.


  • Feb 11 2011
If you were an MBA student today, where would you advise them to concentrate their marketing interests? I.E. what are the hot sectors, and what functional roles might they pursue. Some of this may depend on perspective (e.g. are they interested in entrepreneurship, brand management, general management etc), but I'd be curious to know where you think the exciting areas are.
    • Feb 11 2011
    Since they are MBA students, I don't believe any of them are interested in becoming specialists (in a tactic like Search or Social Media, or any other kind of single discipline). So my advice to them was to choose industries in which marketing and advertising were already important. And thankfully, A:S ratios (ad spend to sales dollars) are publicly available through Adage.com and others- it's a pretty handy guide. The lowest ratio industries were things like trucking and aircraft manufacturing, while the highest were perfumes, and CPG.