Your Data has Answers

Penfield Helps Find Them

You have the data, and need answers. But the complexities in your business make it a struggle to extract the insights you need to make better business decisions.

Marketing ROI

Today’s marketing leaders have to deliver rigorous ROI for the entirety of their marketing spend. Penfield doesn’t just keep score of marketing performance; we actively put points on the board for our clients.

Price Optimization

Pricing has a dramatic impact on your bottom line. But with such a powerful tool, precision matters.

Custom Analytics

Penfield has extensive depth and best-in-class experience in retail and B2C industry sectors. But we routinely adapt and deploy them to other industries, where the payoff is often even greater.

Data Visualization

You can't manage what you can't measure. Penfield deploys cutting edge tools like Domo, PowerBI, Qlik, and others to provide the Single Source of Truth for your business.

Capability Acceleration

Sometimes our client teams need a boost to get them started. Penfield works with the team and then steps back as they grow into their new capabilities.

Analytic Audits

If you're not getting what you need from your internal analytics, let us help keep what's working and fix what isn't.

Data Infrastructure

Penfield's infrastructure practice keeps the data trains running on time, through robust ETL and data processing tools.


Input data changes. New categories. Manual validations. These are inescapable real-world data problems, which can bog down your team with data wrangling. Alteryx automates your data science and gives solutions that are robust, transparent, and fast.

Featured Case Study

A multi-channel retailer was going to miss Q4.

The holiday season (comprising 40% of annual sales) loomed, and the internal pricing analytics team didn't have the tools nor capacity to analyze and optimize the largest categories in time for the season.

Penfield identified and executed price changes on 950 highly-targeted SKUs that had the largest upside and the lowest associated risk. The project delivered 108% of the gross margin target, and a 0.6% gain in companywide gross margin rate. And perhaps best of all, Penfield left behind tools, knowledge, and gameplans that allowed the internal team to continue the win.