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Penfield’s Alteryx Consulting practice.

Analysts and data scientists spend too much time wrangling, updating, merging, and validating data. Alteryx is a fantastic tool for accelerating and automating many of the repeated data science executions. Penfield’s Alteryx Consulting Practice accelerates the impact of Alteryx Designer, Server, or Intelligence Suite tools with design and deployment projects so they are robust, transparent, and future-proof.

Why we love Alteryx

Fast. Capable. Plays nice with Excel.

The dirty secret in data science is that over half of the time is spent wrestling your datasets. And it is harder than ever to expand your team of data scientists, so making sure they’re efficient is the only way forward.

Alteryx is head and shoulders above its competitors in the automation space, and is growing its capabilities in executing analytic functions.

Penfield gets you there faster

Cutting edge design & Deployment.

Whether upgrading a legacy process, or even just accelerating the execution of a vision, Penfield deploys your workflows for robust, reliable, and fast execution.

Recent Success Stories

It used to take the FP&A team three days to update its forecast in Excel each month. Now it takes 45 minutes.
Why was it so hard?

The client had 100+ customers for each of it’s 11 product lines, so building individualized plans for each customer and product line was infeasible. Attempts to assign each customer to one of four “templates” still fell short.


Penfield leveraged Alteryx’s run-time error checking and transparency to abstract away much of the data extraction, standardization, integration, and financial calculations. The revamped Excel output file enabled additional exploration with a reduced file size (from 60+MB to 6MB).

Why not deploy in a BI tool?

Excel was required so that senior executives could adjust model inputs in real-time during business reviews.


Monthly forecast updates take the team less than an hour. Most of the time savings came from automating the collection and processing of data, with the additional benefit of eliminating bad inputs.

It was the “Flaw of Averages.” Broad sales targets ignored how each customer was unique, because there were just too many. Now every customer gets a custom tailored plan, just for them.
Why was it so hard?

The business was extraordinarily complex, and required inputs from files, systems, and databases with different granularity, and time periods. It also required advanced amortization and depreciation calculations at a unit level.


Using the data science toolkits in Alteryx, Penfield built and deployed a robust, transparent, and fault-tolerant process that delivered product recommendations tailored to each customer’s business.

Why not deploy in a BI tool?

The optimized Alteryx outputs were a starting point for the client discussions and negotiations. Once finalized, product assortments were fed back into a database for ongoing tracking and BI reporting.


The client, now in their third year with Penfield, has integrated this process deeply into their customer success plans each year.

Why Penfield?

  • We build for transparency and sustainability.
  • We build client capabilities, not third party dependencies.
  • We accelerate progression to data science maturity.
  • We’re certified by Alteryx as partners and resellers.

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