You're spending the money

Are you getting the return?

What did your last dollar get you? Where should you put the next one? Penfield marketing ROI experts can help you measure and manage your marketing budget to drive the biggest bang for the buck.

Three Ways to Improve Marketing ROI

Optimize spend on a single curve Set your spends to a sales or ROI target along the measured marketing performance curves.
Reallocate across tactic curves Reallocating spend across marketing vehicles can drive the total ROI higher, even with no improvements to the performance curves.
Increase Effectiveness to shift the curves upward Shifting the curve upwards yields the strongest return because it makes the entire spend amount drive more sales.

How do we start?

How do we get started? Penfield uses its proven expertise in analytics consulting, deep strategic advisory, and it's real-world line management experience to to deliver holistic marketing analytics solutions based on your specific business needs. Here's how it starts:
  • Review marketing budgets and establish clear goals and objectives
  • Determine data collection targets to accurately measure activities and results
  • Assess data quality and accuracy
  • Extract from the various data sources, transform as needed, and integrate into a single data warehouse for analysis and reporting
  • Visualize to validate and communicate results, showing wins and losses
  • Build rigorous models to forecast customer behavior using predictive analytics

Does it work?