Sometimes, you just have to blaze the trail.

Penfield has extensive depth and best-in-class experience in retail and B2C industry sectors.  But we routinely adapt and deploy them to other industries, where the payoff is often even greater.  We’ve unlocked value from various datasets for:

Pool Chlorine Manufacturer:  Unexpected loss of share in market, putting pressure on financials in a high fixed-cost business.
B2B Payments Processor: Diagnosed root causes for increase in customer attrition.
Legacy Financial Firm Acquirer: Integrated and synchronized business metrics for business diagnostics.
SaaS Promotions Integrator: Built custom analytic routines to prioritize markdowns.
MLB Team:  Measured ROI of in-stadium promotional giveaways on ticket sales.
Outdoor Clothing Manufacturer: Optimized market-level spends to drive incremental volume in season.
Online Travel Aggregator: Recalibrated in-house testing analytic toolkit to increase precision.