Key Value Items are the ones speaking loudest to your customers.

So why are your KVI lists five years old?

(hint: it’s probably because identifying them is devilishly hard.)

Penfield’s Key Value Item (KVIs) Identification and Planning projects set the right target lists by incorporating and balancing a broad set of metrics to bring forth the right products:

  • SKU characteristics
  • Breadth of footprint
  • Price constraints (MAP)
  • SKU’s role in Category
  • Basket & Frequency
  • Velocity
  • Cross-channel selling
  • Elasticity
  • Promotions

But putting a list in category owners’ hands is only the first step: knowing how to deploy pricing, promotion, shelf space, and other central resources requires getting the organization on board.  Penfield specializes in the “last mile” of analytics by bringing the results to life for the end-users.  Drop us a line and we can discuss in more depth.  We’d love to hear more.