Don’t see your particular challenge listed here? Don’t worry- these clients didn’t either.

We’re proud of our work, and the tenure and retention of our client base proves that our clients are too.

Global Shipping Asset Lessor

Built 7-year forecast process to allow advanced scenario exploration and sensitivity analysis.

Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Customized assortment offerings for each individual retail partner, optimizing for unique customer preferences and sales strategies.

Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Interrogated clickstream data to model customer behavior patterns at online storefronts of retail partners.

Prelaunch Specialty Retailer

Built dataset infrastructure, business intelligence, and analytics capabilities through acquisition, rebranding, and concept launch.

Outdoor Apparel Manufacturer

Measured ROI of online, offline, and in-store activities across wholesale, retail, and ecomm channels.

Healthcare Practice Marketing

Measured Marketing ROI and Patient Lifetime Value on new, lapsed, and recurring patients across 150+ practice locations.

Specialty Retailer Circular Improvement

Deployed Penfield’s print ad “Analytics-as-a-Service” tool in over 800 stores, with particular focus on category space allocations.

Natural Resources Operations

Developed custom “PalletVision” tool that uses computer vision and machine learning to measure warehouse inventory levels using consumer-grade web cameras.

Asset Recovery Firm Strategy

Determined direction for SaaS firm at critical strategic junction with firm leadership and PE owners to dominate their niche while still delivering performance targets.

Global High-Fashion Footwear Manufacturer

Analyzed first-ever global brand marketing push in three target cities across UK, US, and Japan and developed global “heavy-up playbook” for future campaigns.

Internal Analytics Team at Global CPG

Trained internal analytics teams on real-world deployment of Marketing Mix Models as they in-sourced components of their analytical needs.

Sporting Goods Retailer

Delivered quarterly Marketing ROI diagnostic models, predictive forecasting models, and customer segment diagnostic models resulting in a 48% increase in mROI delivery over three year engagement.

Oil & Gas Service Provider

Analyzed pricing landscape with competitive intelligence and deep customer interviews supporting a 48% increase in price with near-zero customer attrition.

Global Design Consultancy

Determined current and to-be data flows for consulting systems across global offices.

Grocery SaaS Provider

Built and deployed custom promotion ranking algorithm for “next most likely” scoring of available offers, and streamlined multiple analytic operations over three-year engagement.

Computer Hardware Manufacturer

Developed the future state strategy for integration of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) into the operational improvement team’s portfolio, identifying critical bottlenecks and measuring the impacts.

Specialty Retailer

Deployed customer segmentation initiatives into the merchandising team, maximizing vendor funding and optimizing CRM activities.

Professional Sports Team

Measured response and ROI of various marketing and stadium promotions, controlling for team strength, opponent strength, weather, and more.