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The future of Digital Ad Budgets

We give a presentation to a roomful of NYU Stern MBA students this week on the state of Marketing Measurement and Accountability.  As always, the students had great questions and insights, especially around digital marketing.  This time, one of the students asked “in five or ten years, how much of marketing spend will be going to digital?”

It’s a great question, especially if we push it to the extreme and rephrase it as “Could digital be 100% of marketing budgets?”

Our answer?  Yes, but only for high-engagement products.
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How Heavy is Heavy-up?

We often find ourselves in the situation in which our recommendations require changes that are large in magnitude or challenge the sacred cows of an organization.  In many of these cases there is tolerance for a test- either as a way to double check results before committing to a large change, or to “put your money where your math is” to dispel the organizational mythology.

But then a critical question is “how much should we spend?”  Read More »How Heavy is Heavy-up?