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June 10, 2016

The Weekly Flyer is Broken. Here’s Why.

We’re analytic practitioners, but we’re constantly preaching that there’s an art and a science to most of the decisions that retailers make.  Circular design, however, is […]
May 15, 2016

Improving Print Circular: more wins or fewer losses?

One retailer’s efforts to bring back the print circular’s ROI. There are many methods retailers use to make their circular work harder, but the fastest way […]
May 15, 2016

A tactical guide to finding your Key Value Items (KVIs)

In prior posts we’ve discussed the varying definitions of the Key Value Item (KVI) in retail.  Setting aside the important differences, the core principle remains: KVIs […]
December 23, 2013

Key Value Item Series I: (Re)Defining the KVI

This post is part I of our series on Key Value Items, or KVIs.  Read Part II here.  If you’re looking to get a better handle on […]
October 9, 2013

“Fairness” in Pricing

A recent HBR article titled “Understanding Fairness is the Key to Keeping Customers” caught our eyes this week. From the headline we expected another rant on […]
August 7, 2013

A Rule of Thumb in Pricing

Pricing is complex, which is why we love it.  But we also love those rare instances where we can use simple rules of thumb as a […]
August 7, 2013

The Six Analytic Capabilities of Retail Pricing Excellence

The current state of retailer pricing sophistication is all over the map. Some, with little investment and low organizational adoption, stay in the low-value early stages […]